Making peer to peer requests

TChannel is designed for interacting with a hyperbahn router.

The majority of the requests you make will be send directly to the hyperbahn instances and will be routed based on the serviceName

However tchannel can also be used to make peer to peer request to individual tchannel instances

Stability: unstable


subChannel.waitForIdentified(options, cb)

To be able to make peer to peer requests you have to wait for the init request/response to complete on the connection.

When doing logical retryable requests againsts a serviceName tchannel will wait for init response to finish; However when making a peer to peer request this is your responsibility

You can pass in to wait for a connection to that host to open; your cb will be called when it's opened.

We may give your cb an err if the connection failed

subChannel.request({ host: ... })

You must waitForIdentified before making an outgoing peer to peer request.

When making an outgoing request on a subChannel you can set to be '{host}:{port}' string. This will make a direct request to that concrete host.

This request is a non-retryable request.

All other documentation for request() can be found in the sub-channel document