Errors from tchannel

TChannel can return many different types of errors when making outgoing requests

Stability: stable


TChannel client Errors. Errors from .request().send()

When making an OutRequest there are multiple edge cases that can go happen. There are multiple operational errors that can occur.

There are many different types of errors; for an exhaustive list please check the source code of errors.js

  • tchannel.protocol.write-failed Your application is sending invalid tchannel frames
  • ProtocolError There are many different types protocol errors that can occur that fail your requests. Most of these are bugs
  • The tchannel library can fail to read an incoming frame. When it does this it logs a frame parser error
  • isErrorFrame: true When you make an outgoing call it's always possible to receive one of the error frames. All of these errors have an isErrorFrame boolean on them. You can read the protocol docs for more info on what the error frames are.
  • NetworkError There are multiple types of TCP errors that can occur and these are all net work errors; when a connection dies any pending in or out requests will fail.
  • TimeoutError TChannel has per-request timeouts. This means any in request or out request can timeout when it's ttl is up.